Atlantic Security Group Inc

International Background Screening

Atlantic Security Group Inc. services in brief:

  • Primary Validation: Conducted using remote means from Canada, such as E mail, fax and telephone interviews with educational establishments or previous employers abroad. Where required, enquiries with overseas governments, professional bodies and local law enforcement. Business validation will include enquiries with trade and local government bodies and interdependent local business such as suppliers or clients. Counter forgery inspection of documents and open source search of the world wide-web, including deep web entries using I-Intelligence search tools. Overseas partners will be consulted for local knowledge or where suspicions are raised on a particular application. Local enquiries will be used in establishing the requirement to move from primary to enhanced validation. These local enquiries are at no extra charge to the client and advance authority will be sought prior commencing enhanced enquiries.

  • Enhanced Validation: Requires written authority from the principle and initially includes all enquiries conducted under primary validation. A requirement has been identified for more in depth enquiries conducted in person, within the principles country of origin. Local investigators from the partner companies will conduct face to face interviews, local enquiries and paper document searches where access is not granted through the internet. Enhanced validation may be required where inconsistencies or discrepancies have appeared during the primary validation.

  • Investigation: Principle authority is not required, criminal conduct or organised deception is suspected and elements of the potential offences have occurred in Canada. Prior to any decision about police prosecution the client wishes to identify if offences have occurred or the scale to which they would impact the organisation if made public through prosecution. Enquiries as outlined in Primary and Enhanced would be conducted but without the knowledge of the principle. Evidential material would be gathered and a report submitted for consideration by the client. Investigators would be made available to give evidence at any criminal or civil tribunal.

  • Bulk Validation: ASG can compile by country: a reference list of higher education or trade institutions, validate them and produce a master file for daily use by the client. ASG will use existing material held by governments, law enforcement and institutional bodies, student and academic sources. Two types of written product can be produced: A negative list, such as diploma mills or suspect institutions, or a positive list of accredited and validated institutions.